Burroughs/Ridgecrest Team: Tennis, Girls

Level: Varsity
Year: Level:

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Head Coach: Ed Aralar

Assistant Coaches: Timothy Higgins, Timothy Higgins

Volunteer Coaches: Timothy Higgins

Schedule & Scores

Overall Record:15-1-0 League Records:10-0-0 All Schedules | All Games Home Games Away Game Away Games Team Event Practices

S.No. Date Time Opponent/Title Facility Result


Last Name First Name Year
Esparza Ailani 11
Kelly Shannon 10
Khara Sarina 10
Kimbler Emma 11
Monsalud Princess Monica 10
Ngo Amanda 11
Ostermann Hannah 11
Quick Sarah 11
Staheli Jordan 11
Sy Qui Sophia 10
Vogel Genevieve 11
Woodroffe Jolene 10
Workman Alyssa 12
Workman Emily 10