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Level: Varsity
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Head Coach: Paul Perez

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S.No. Date Time Opponent/Title Facility Result
1 02-24-2020 04:00PM - 06:00PM Xavier Prep -Linfield Softball Tourney LC Softball Field
2 02-25-2020 04:00PM - 06:00PM Notre Dame/Riverside -Linfield Softball Tourney LC Softball Field
3 02-27-2020 02:00PM - 04:00PM Temecula Prep -Linfield Softball Tourney LC Softball Field
4 02-29-2020 TBA - TBA TBA -Linfield Softball Tourney LC Softball Field
5 03-04-2020 03:15PM - 05:15PM Rancho Christian LC Softball Field
6 03-10-2020 03:30PM - 05:30PM Ontario Christian LC Softball Field
7 03-12-2020 03:30PM - 05:30PM Desert Christian Academy LC Softball Field
8 03-19-2020 03:00PM - 05:00PM Woodcrest Christian LC Softball Field
9 03-26-2020 03:30PM - 05:30PM Aquinas LC Softball Field
10 04-16-2020 03:30PM - 05:30PM Arrowhead Christian LC Softball Field
11 04-23-2020 03:30PM - 05:30PM Loma Linda Academy LC Softball Field
12 04-30-2020 03:30PM - 05:30PM Western Christian LC Softball Field


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